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Publikacja sondy: 8 Październik 2009

czwartek 18 kwietnia 2024imieniny: Apoloniusz, Bogusława, Bogusław
  Biuletyn Informacji Publicznej
What makes us special?

Nearby lakes are clear and full of fish, and in forests there are a lot of mushrooms, uncommon plants and animals. The nature is here original thanks to an absence of  major routes.



When you enter from Nowogard towardes a town you can find huge lichens on trees. Lichens are natural bioindicators of a clear environment.


   The area and town have got enchanting climate . It also has a very historical architecture which can be seen throughout the narrow symetrically arranged streets. History is a thing that makes us proud, because this small city was one of the most fortificated fortress which was surrounded by a moat and high walls with turrets. For hundreds of years these lands belonged to familly von Devitz, who built a statelly castle which has been preserved as a ruin till now(ruin).


   Castle  is situated in the north–west of town. It  has been rebuilded few times because of fires and wars. The last rebuilding gave a character of the renaissance because it had been supervised by Jobst’s von Devitz, who was distinguished as the representative of his familly. Who graduated in Bologna, Italy. Jobst was one of the first founder members of  Lutheranism in this region of Poland. His diplomatic skills made Dobra one of the most important cities in his voivodeship.

Another relic is a huge and  beautiful church which is still well preserved. There are conjectures, that between church and castle there exists an underground passage which connects them.  In a church apart from the beautiful adornments you might notice a headstone with has a sculptured image Jobst von Devitz with his wife and a knight which has six toes at each of his feet.
 There is a legend that local barons hid a treasure, which might be found only by a six toed person. Purportedly treasure was found by Swedes, but none of them had required six toes and the treasure and the Swedes was sucked underground…



more photos in our galery "here".

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